Donorhut can make your organization more efficient

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  • Mar 16th, 2017

Donorhut is an effective cloud fundraising software for fundraisers, crowd funding, nonprofit organizations, and charities. Many nonprofit organizations and charities are using this software to enhance efficiency in their donation campaigns and overall operations. Here are some of the ways via which Donorhut can make your organization more efficient.

Saving time

Donorhut provides a cost effective, secure, and fast way of fundraising or running a donation campaign. Our software picks up your organization’s donations and deposits them into the bank account of your organization. It accepts different credit cards including Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express and JCB. Our software also handles multiple currencies to ensure that your organization receives donations in the currency that works best.

Additionally, Donor creates and sends customized thank you messages to your donation campaign contributors. Providing you with the opportunity to concentrate on the core operations of your charity or nonprofit organization. With Donorhut you will spend less time on the administrative tasks of your fundraising efforts.

Spend more time and energy with volunteers and focusing on the cause of your organization

Most nonprofit organizations depend on labor from volunteers. However, volunteers need help from the organizational managers to perform their duties effectively and from time to time will require motivation. Tasks like fundraising campaigns can take a lot of time and energy from organizational managers and make it difficult for them to find time to work with volunteers. Basically, without effective software, every task of managing the organization and fundraising has to be done manually.

Donorhut makes this easier by taking care of your donation campaigns. This includes providing different campaign themes for your organization to choose from and tracking the progress or success of your donation campaign using an easy to view control panel. It also integrates the Facebook page of your organization into the campaign to make it easier for you to read comments on your page. Donorhut makes your organization more efficient by taking care of most aspects of your donation campaign so that you can focus on the real cause of your organization.

Donorhut is your tireless volunteer

Donorhut works round-the-clock. It doesn’t get tired of managing your fundraising campaign. It also doesn’t need time off and it is always available. That means people can make their contributions any time and the software will deposit the donations directly into your bank account. Additionally, Donorhut is an online platform. That means people can donate to your organization from any location in the world. It’s also device-friendly. That means donors and potential donors can access it using desktops, tablets, and other handheld devices and operating systems. Clearly, with Donorhut your organization is bound to reach out to more potential donors and improve the performance of your donation campaign.

Enhanced security and interactivity

Donorhut is a safe and secure platform. When you use it to host a donation campaign, details of your donors are protected using some of the most innovative security measures. We use SSL certificates to protect the transmission of your donors details. Additionally, we doe not act as a middlemen, all donations processed through your campaign are deposited directly into your bank account.

With Donorhut, your organization enjoys improved interactivity. That’s because it allows you to integrate the Facebook page of your organization into your donation campaign using Facebook Comments module. It also allows you to establish a community for the recent donors by listing opt-in donors on the campaign page.

Generally, Donorhut can make your organization more efficient in different ways. Nevertheless, just like most web applications, you will only know the true efficiency that Donorhut brings if you try it out and launch your first online fundraising campaign today!

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