New Donorhut: Version 2.0

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  • Nov 21st, 2016

We are excited to announce the launch of the newest version of the Donorhut platform. This recent release was a major version change (from 1.7.6 to 2.0) and is accompanied with many improvements and changes to the platform, both in front and behind the scenes.

What's new?

Platform restructure and improvement

We completely revamped our back end software to provide an improved experience for our customers and their donors. Moreover, the new and improved platform will allow our team to rapidly develop, test and deploy new features on a regular basis!


Donorhut has been rebranded from top to bottom with a fresh new look. All facets of the brand have been improved to provide better service our customers. Included in the rebranding is our new slogan: "Simplify your fundraising.". At Donorhut we strongly believe in providing the tools necessary for charities, nonprofits and individuals to easily fundraise or crowdfund online. Our new slogan helps organizations understand our goals as well as what we believe Donorhut can offer.


The addons section provides optional account-wide enhancements to your Donorhut account. Currently only one paid addon is available, however, in the future we plan on adding other paid and free addons. More information about the addon section can be found here.

Fee reduction

Through the addons system you can optionally purchase a platform fee reduction as low as 1.0% (from 2.1%). The fee reduction is applied globally across your Donorhut account and works on all present and future campaigns. A fee reduction can be purchase for $20 per 0.1% fee reduction for a maximum reduction of 1.1% for $220 (from 2.1% to 1.0%). All fee reduction purchases are charged in USD unless purchased by a Canadian organization who are charged CAD.

Social media connectivity

All campaigns are now connected to major social media platforms to help encourage your supporters to share your cause and spread the word. Your campaign pages will offer social media sharing buttons to donors with custom prefilled messages that pertain to your campaign.

Facebook integration

Optionally you can now add Facebook comments to your fundraising or crowdfunding page to help build a community around your cause. When you enable Facebook comments you will be able to attach a Facebook account so you can moderate any unwanted comments. The Facebook comments appear in the new tabbed navigation on your Donorhut campaign page.

Fundraising goals

Campaign owners can attach a fundraising bar that shows the current fundraising goal and the current fundraising status. The fundraising bar helps your supporters better understand your target and what they can do to help you reach it.


You can now write an introduction of your cause and provide details about your focus, goals and what you plan on putting your funds towards. Your introduction message can be enhanced with a background image hosted on our cloud network.

Recent donations

You can enable the option to show recent donations on your public campaign pages. Each donor can request to be listed as "Anonymous" when processing their donations. Only donors who have permitted their name to be shown will be shown, all others will be labeled as "Anonymous".

Donorhut blog

Lastly we have setup a Donorhut blog. Our blog will be the home of all feature and service announcements as well as some articles on fundraising, the fundraising industry and fundraising software. In the future we plan to coordinate with industry experts and arrange guest blogs.

We are excited for the future of Donorhut and we are always looking to improve our platform. This new major version of Donorhut is going to allow us to add new features and improvements to the platform more rapidly. Currently we have plans to expand our addon section with many exciting features such as white-labeling. We would really appreciate your feedback on this new improvements and we encourage you to reach out to us with your thoughts!

Your friends in fundraising,the Donorhut team

New Feature: Addons

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Nov 25th, 2016

We are proud to announce a new feature on the Donorhut platform: Addons. Addons are currently one-time purchases for your Donorhut account that enrich your platform experience. Currently we only have one addon available for purchase which is the fee reduction addon, in the future we are planning to add many more, some of which are going to be free.

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Dec 6th, 2016

With online fundraising, your organization can reach out to more potential donors than with traditional fundraising. However, most fundraising websites want to keep a large percentage (5% to 7%) of the raised donations on top of the credit card processing fees. This is usually challenging for small, non-profit organizations as steep platform fees end up unnecessarily inflating the fundraising expense. Perhaps, this might make you consider whether you are overpaying for your online fundraising.

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Online fundraising is relatively new and it is understandable that some organizations may be hesitant to dive in. However, it can benefit both profit making and non-profit organizations in numerous ways. Gathering monetary contributions for any cause has not been easy in the past. Nevertheless, modern technological advancements have made fundraising safer and easier. Modern organizations and individuals are now embracing innovative platforms and techniques to fundraise online. Regardless of the nature or size of your organization, you need to consider online fundraising.