New Feature: Addons

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  • Nov 25th, 2016

We are proud to announce a new feature on the Donorhut platform: Addons. Addons are currently one-time purchases for your Donorhut account that enrich your platform experience. Currently we only have one addon available for purchase which is the fee reduction addon, in the future we are planning to add many more, some of which are going to be free.

Introducing: The fee reduction addon

The fee reduction addon enables you to decrease your Donorhut platform fee down to 1.0% from the standard 2.1%. Fee reductions are available in 0.1% increments for $20 each and apply globally across your account to all present and future campaigns. You can purchase a fee reduction as many times as you wish until you reach the minimum platform fee of 1.0%. Once purchased the fee reduction is instantly applied to your account and all future donations will benefit from the reduced platform fee.

What is the future for addons?

We have many ideas in the mix but one addon we are planning to develop is the white-labeling of your fundraising, campaign and crowdfunding pages. The white-labeling addon is planned to include:

  • Custom domains: Your campaigns will be configured for: or any other sub-domain of your choice. This will provide a seamless transition from your organizations web presence to your campaign pages. Included within the addon is an SSL certificate for your sub-domain and DNS zone hosting.
  • Branded campaigns: Your public facing campaign will be free of any Donorhut branding and instead branded (from head to toe) with your organizations brand.

Will there ever be free addons?

Yes! We are currently exploring the idea of free addons that can be enabled or disabled at discretion of the account holder.

We thrive on feedback and we would really appreciate your thoughts on our new addons addition to the Donorhut platform. If you have some feedback for us, please send it our way at:

The Advantages of Online Fundraising

4 minute read
Jan 24th, 2017

The Internet and social networking sites have enabled a new phenomenon: online funding of projects, businesses, inventions and special interest. This is of particular benefit to non-profit and charitable groups, as it offers a new avenue for fundraising, similar to crowdfunding. While the percentage of charitable giving online is small in comparison to overall giving (7% of total), there are a variety of reasons for that statistic. At the same time, though, online giving is growing at four times the rate of traditional methods, largely because of the ease and focus through giving online.

How to Build Donor Trust and Increase Donor Retention

6 minute read
Dec 27th, 2016

Building donor trust and increasing donor retention is paramount to the success of your fundraiser. In any relationship, whether professional or personal, trust plays an important role, in particular, donors trusting your organization is essential when trying to build a loyal supporter base. In addition to the trust of a donor in your organization, their confidence in your cause is equally important because it can help determine the level of their support and loyalty.

What are the most common challenges in dealing with volunteers?

3 minute read
Jul 18th, 2017

Dealing with volunteers can be as challenging as managing employed workers in an organization or even worse. That’s because staffs in nonprofit organizations supervise constantly changing volunteers. They are also required to react quickly whenever there is a need in the organization. Nevertheless, identifying the most common challenges in dealing with volunteers enables nonprofit organizations to come up with strategies for handling issues as they arise.