Export Data

You're in control of your data.

You are in full control of your data and you can export all data associated with your Donorhut campaigns whenever you please. Included within the data export is all information regarding the donations your campaign received, with your donors contact and tax receipt information (if provided).

One-click Export

Secure and easy access to your essential data.

You have quick and easy access to all of your essential campaign and donor data. In one click you can securely export all campaign and donor information associated with your campaign.

Import Anywhere

Your exported data can be imported anywhere!

When you request an export of your Donorhut data, we securely send your file (over HTTPS). The export format is the widely supported CSV (comma-separated value) which can be imported into many popular third-party software platforms, including your fundraising, charity or crowdfunding newsletter!

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Export Questions

  • What format is my data exported as?

    All Donorhut campaign and donor data is exported as a .CSV (Comma-separated Value) document. CSV documents can be opened in a wide-range of programs on all operating systems, including your smart phone. If you require something specific, or would like to suggest a new export format to us, we encourage you to contact us!

  • How long does it take to export my data?

    All data export requests are queued and generated live, once you click the "Export" button in your Donorhut control panel, the export file will automatically be streaming securely (over HTTPS) to your computer / smart phone.

  • Can I still export my data if I unpublish or delete my campaign?

    Yes! All of your Donorhut campaign and donor data will be securely stored in our servers and availble to be exported regardless of the campaign status (Unpublished or Deleted).

  • What information is included in the data export?

    The data export includes all donor information that was provided by the donor (with the exception of their credit card information), this includes the donors: donation date, first name, last name, email address, transaction id, donation amount, currency, method (credit card type: Visa, MasterCard etc.), last four credit card digits and comments (any donor provided comments). Additionally, the following tax receipt information (if collected) will be provided: first name, middle name, last name, address, city, region (province/state), postal/zip code and country.

  • How often can I export my data?

    Anytime you wish. Your Donorhut campaign and donor data is available to be exported whenever you require it.

  • Can I export my donor data and import it into my newsletter software?

    Yes! All data exports include your donors first name, last name and email address (plus much more), you can easily import the exported CSV document into your providers systems and add your new donors to your newsletter / mailing list. Of course, please be sure to abide by all legal and regulatory requirements with regards to email and anti-spam laws.

  • Is my donors credit card information exported?

    No. Donorhut does not receive or store your donors full credit card information on our servers and therefore it is not included in the export. The only information related to the donors credit card is the credit card type (Visa, MasterCard, Amex etc.) and the last four digits of the card.

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