What information is required to setup a campaign?

In order to successfully launch a campaign you must provide the following information about your organization:

  • Organization name: The name of the organization all campaign contributions will be sent to.
  • Organization support email: A support contact email where donors can contact your organization for any help or donation issues. It is required that you frequently monitor this email for any support requests.

Each campaign has optional information you can elect to provide to enhance your campaign. The optional information includes:

  • Organization website address: The website URL for your organization.
  • Organization logo: A square image of your organizations logo.
  • Campaign banner: A customized campaign banner image that runs along the header of the campaign page.
  • Campaign theme: You can customize your campaign with one of the campaign color themes.
  • Donation levels: Fixed donation amounts which can have descriptions and titles. For example: Bronze level.
  • Thank you message: A custom thank you message for your donors. This message is displayed to your donors after their donation is successfully processed and in the email copy of their donation receipt. It is recommended you write a custom message to your donors.

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