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What happens in the event of a charge back?

All charge backs are handled exclusively by Stripe . If your campaign received a charge back you must deal with Stripe to address the dispute and resolve the issue. More information on how Stripe handles charge backs can be found on the Stripe help documents .

It is strongly recommended you work with your donor to resolve any disputes to avoid charge backs. Change backs can cost you $15.00 or more, this amount is charged by Stripe and not Donorhut. Stripe offers some information on avoiding fraud and disputes, you can read this article on the Stripe help documents .

Below are a few tips you should follow to avoid fraudulent charges and charge backs:

  • If your campaign receives an unusually large donation (For example: You regularly receive $5.00 - $10.00 donations but you received a $5,000 donation). In these cases it is strongly recommended you speak with the donor and confirm the donation amount. This may be a case of a fraudulent user attempting to test the limits of a credit card. If the donor fails to respond to your contact it is strongly recommended that you refund the donation.
  • Multiple donations from the same individual in a very short period of time. In the event this happens, it is most likely a user error and the additional charges are not intended. It is recommended that you reach out to the donor and confirm the additional donations. If necessary it is suggested you refund the donation.
  • Suspicious or questionable email addresses or donation sources. If your primary donation region is within a specific country and you randomly receive a donation from an outside country, it is recommended you contact the donor to verify the donation. If necessary it is suggested you refund the donation.

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