Five Reasons Your Organization Needs to Fundraise Online

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  • Dec 12th, 2016

Online fundraising is relatively new and it is understandable that some organizations may be hesitant to dive in. However, it can benefit both profit making and non-profit organizations in numerous ways. Gathering monetary contributions for any cause has not been easy in the past. Nevertheless, modern technological advancements have made fundraising safer and easier. Modern organizations and individuals are now embracing innovative platforms and techniques to fundraise online. Regardless of the nature or size of your organization, you need to consider online fundraising.

The Five Reasons to Fundraise Online

#1. Minimize your fundraising expenses

Online fundraising enables your organization to access donations directly from donors around the world at a reduced cost versus other means. Using the traditional media to launch a donation campaign requires a significant amount of money. However, online fundraising enables small, non-profit organizations to raise funds through cost-effective ways like the social media. Promoting a fundraiser via social networks for instance attracts donors’ attention to a small, non-profit organization at a relatively small fee. Thus, even with a small budget, your organization can now draw donors’ attention and ask for their contributions. In fact, organizations can get started with Donorhut if they have no budget to spend on their fundraising. This is possible through our per donation fee structure which allows your organization to match your expenses with your cash flows, meaning you only pay (a very small fee) when you collect a donation.

Additionally, online fundraising does not require brokers or intermediaries who may use funds as they please. It enables you to communicate with fundraisers directly and convince them to give donations towards your cause. This is a quick and simple way of fundraising without incurring extra cost.

#2. Unlimited access to your fundraiser

Online fundraising enables you and potential donors to access to your fundraising campaign 24/7. This is an excellent feature because it enables you to reach out to potential donors anytime and with ease. When you have a "Donate" button on your organization’s website for instance you allow donors to make their contributions anytime and from anywhere. Furthermore, your donors can contribute from any device they choose, their home computer or on the go via their smart phone or tablet.

#3. Expanding your base and reaching more potential donors

Creating a fundraising page for your organization and connecting it to social media websites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter will expand the reach of your organization to potential donors. This enables your organization to grow its social circle through communications with people from all parts of the world. It is a relatively amazing way of increasing your potential donors’ base. A fundraising website for instance can be used to reach more potential donors from other areas around the world that would have been otherwise out of reach. Did you know according to the World Bank, approximately 86% of Canadians and 84% of American residents are connected to and regularly use the Internet.

#4. Sharing information and stories

With online fundraising, you don’t just tell people to make monetary contributions. You share information and stories that convince them to make their contributions. When you fundraise online you have to pay attention to the sharing process. For example, you have to share videos, pictures, and stories of individuals or your organization. Such information and stories answer questions that some of your potential donors might have and need answers to before they make their contributions. A user can also share important information or a story with other people and convince them to make their contributions. Through online fundraising you can create a community for your supporters to help retain their support in the long-term and create a loyal supporter base.

#5. Online fundraising is reliable and safe

Perhaps, you may have heard or think that online fundraising is not reliable or safe like traditional fundraising. This is not true. As long as you take time to identify the best platform to use to fundraise online, the process will be reliable and safe. It will not only help you get more donations, but also provide a reliable and safe platform for continuous fundraising. Ideally, a good fundraising website stores relevant and correct information that relates to the donors. This means you can easily reach out to the donors in the future. Additionally, an ideal online fundraising platform uses a safe payment platform. With Donorhut all of your supporters donations are processed through the industry leading merchant provider: Stripe and sent directly into your bank account. We do not act as a middle man, the payments are sent directly from your donors to your bank account. It is simple and safe for your organization to enter the world of online fundraising.

If you are considering exploring the world of online fundraising, we encounter you to try out our platform and simplify your fundraising. If you have pre-registration questions or would really just like to talk to a human, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss your organization and fundraising needs.

New Donorhut: Version 2.0

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We are excited to announce the launch of the newest version of the Donorhut platform. This recent release was a major version change (from 1.7.6 to 2.0) and is accompanied with many improvements and changes to the platform, both in front of and behind the scenes.

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We are proud to announce a new feature on the Donorhut platform: Addons. Addons are currently one-time purchases for your Donorhut account that enrich your platform experience. Currently we only have one addon available for purchase which is the fee reduction addon, in the future we are planning to add many more, some of which are going to be free.

You Are Overpaying for Your Online Fundraising

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With online fundraising, your organization can reach out to more potential donors than with traditional fundraising. However, most fundraising websites want to keep a large percentage (5% to 7%) of the raised donations on top of the credit card processing fees. This is usually challenging for small, non-profit organizations as steep platform fees end up unnecessarily inflating the fundraising expense. Perhaps, this might make you consider whether you are overpaying for your online fundraising.